18 August 2011

Toys and children's development

The toys are essential tools for the proper development of children . Plays an important role in the formation of concepts, skills, expectations and socialization in children.
Historically, children have the need for an activity , to move, look around, manipulate objects and experiment, create, interact, and exchange shares experiences and feelings.

Playing with children

The right toy

The game, besides being an activity helps children develop their mental functions, physical and social. Children develop the many facets of his personality: learn to interact with the environment, develop their most creative and perfect their many skills to help them channel their energy so vital physical and mental and emotional.
All this is of great help in their development as whole persons, also facilitating their integration into the social environment in which they move. For all these reasons it is essential to find the right toy for every age and time , and be very aware of the role it will have on child development. The game changes as the child grows. Soon the child will be representing characters and can express themselves and communicate freely; also establish rules in games, exercising self-control capacity and autonomy.

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