18 May 2011

Playing with children

How to teach your child to play. That will help you grow

As our children grow, they also increase their needs and requirements. A one-year , for example, a rattle will make something of grace, but will not enjoy it as much as a baby . Therefore, we have selected some guiding advice on ways to play with your children according to their age.

The beginning of the game

During the first eighteen months the child interacts with the world through their senses. Just act. There is only the here and now. His first game is to repeat movements of his body (put his hand in the mouth, for example). Their next game is trying to reproduce objects reactions out of it (move a rattle, etc). Gradually, these movements will vary in what amounts to a genuine experiment. Then relate the movements of the different senses , allowing you to solve "problems" new.

Playing with children
In this period there is an essential toy: a person who is with him, who cares, who speaks, who sings, she strokes and plays with it. That gives you 20 times the pacifier that the baby has dropped. The relationship with this person is an important requirement for the proper development of baby. The pacifier and rattle toys are the next best, and all things that can suck, move and sound. In short, babies want toys that respond to their actions.

From crawling to the tricycle

Around the year the child begins to move, crawl , stand on your feet, walks , runs, jumps ... Each of these stages is necessary. To run there needs to be walked, and walking is essential to crawl. Having security on your body will help you stay safe on the rest of things. Your body is a toy privileged to learn to think (what I have to put your legs to swing alone?). Anything that fosters their safe movement will be a good place to play: the field, the park in your neighborhood, a stairs safe. The first toy will certainly be a mat for crawling and then while walking push toys, ride-on, balls , tricycles , skates , bikes , etc..

Pretend play

During his second year of life the child acquires a new capacity of high importance to its development: the ability to represent, which allows you to leave the here and now. Now you can say what he has done or will do, imitate something you've seen that is not present, draw and, especially important for the amount of time you spend on it, "play to do what." In this game developed fundamental intellectual capacity of human beings: that of giving an object other than their own meaning based on similarities dwindling. In addition, this type of game is going to introduce into society through it will discover facts, some very distant (the hospital, the forest ...) and hence the importance of that is free of gender stereotypes or antisocial values ​​. Finally, the play to do what you can "play" their concerns, expressing and finding solutions. Of course this is one of the best ways to develop the language . The best toys are your friends . With them and little else, invent their best adventures and be trained in the skills of cooperation and negotiation. Anything can become any other, but there are some toys that should not miss. A phone, things for cooking , fabrics for dress , dolls and stuffed animals, toys to crafts, among many others.


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