18 April 2011

Toys recommended by baby's age

Buy from the best toys for children

Do you have to buy a gift for a boy or a girl and do not know what to get? Depending on their age and need, we have sought a list of toys , classified better and worse, and age, to help you find the right toy for the child.

The best toys recommended

Toys for Babies 0 to 1 years
- Toys that stimulate the senses with colors, textures and sounds different.
- Toys that encourage movement, easy to grab, crawl ... stimulators
- Toys that stimulate the emotions, stuffed animals, dolls ... Toys for 1 to 2 years - Toys invited to visit the space walkers, run-halls, foam rubber blocks ... - Toys that connect events: cause and effect, hitting, throwing, insert and remove, stack and towers, experiment with water and earth. - Toys that encourage imitation of simple actions: animals and small dolls, puppets, telephone, cars ...

Baby Toys
Toys for children 2 to 6 years
- the outdoor toys, tricycles, balls, rope, buckets, shovels, strainers ...
- To build, fit and improve their manual dexterity.
- To imitate scenes work and family: dolls and ins, kitchenette, gadgets, shopping, medical equipment, etc. Toys for 6 to 10 years - Toys for the outdoors: skate, bike, board games and simple strategy. - Construction of different types: bricks, rods, three-dimensional etc. - Toys of experimentation and research environment. - To imitate fantastic scenes, spies, heroes, comic, film or television, etc..

The worst toys

- Those toys that do not meet basic safety standards: checks bearing the seal of the EEC, which does not splinter, do not emit colors, etc.. and, where appropriate, stating "Unsuitable for children under 36 months."
- those who directly incite violence, the practice of unhealthy habits, discrimination based on ethnicity, culture, sex, etc.
- Those who are impractical, difficult to store, they need constant replacement, the loss of a piece of unusable, and so on.
- The unsuitable for children for whom they are intended: not responding to their interests or tastes, age, or the possibilities of game offers where you live.

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